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About Torque of Transformation

we servicelarge corporations and small to medium enterprises

Torque of Transformation is a consulting firm specialising in supporting organisations with the roll-out and implementation of enterprise technology applications. With extensive experience in Business Analysis, Project Management and Change Management, we facilitate a successful implementation of technology solutions.

Torque of Transformation aims to eliminate the disruptions organisations face when rolling-out new or upgrading existing technology within their business.

We ensure that the implementation of new solutions align to defined business outcomes, and we provide the structure that enables acceptance and adoption of new technology initiatives within the originations landscape.

Business Analysis

  • Eliciting articulate business outcomes
  • Analyzing gaps and capabilities
  • Solution architecture aligned to business outcomes

    We ensure technology solutions are aligned to business outcomes.

Project Management

  • An adaptable approach that allows teams to get the job done.
  • Facilitating collaboration between role players
  • Providing visibility to stakeholders

    Providing a structured approach  to managing the transformation process.

Change Management

  • Understand the change landscape
  • People centric approach to managing change
  • Designing creative interventions to generate acceptance

    Designing interventions that generate acceptance and rapid adoption new technology initiatives.

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